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We always offer FREE Medical Engraving!

Never pay extra for your custom etched or black laser medical engraving at Creative Medical ID. Others charge per line and charge extra for black laser engarving. Select the most important medical information, in case you cannot speak for yourself. Putting your medical condition is important to alert emergency responders.

You will be limited by the number of characters per line on the tag you have selected, and we cannot engrave more than noted on website. Many choose to have their first name or full name and an "ICE" (In case of emergency) telephone number, rather than the medication taken, as that can change. All  Creative Medical ID purchases  include a Free Medical Emergency Wallet Card to write down the medicines you take, doctor's phone numbers & more.

This is a general guide, and these are only suggestions. Please consult your physician for the most critical information to put on your medical identification tag. Most of our engraving is done in CAPITAL letters, except of course, if you select your name in Script (where applicable). Engraving font size at the discretion of our engravers. *Selected items offer black laser engraving, you will never pay extra!

We sugeest engraving:
First & Last Name
Medical Condition(s)
Food and Drug Allergies
ICE phone number


Allergy - ALGY
Allergies - ALGYS
Alzheimer's Disease - AD

Amoxicillin - AMOX
Antibiotics - ABX
Aortic Valve Replacement - AVR
Atrial Fibrillation - A-FIB
Blood Pressure - BP
Breast Cancer - BRCA
Cancer - CA
Chronic Kidney Disease - CKD
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - COPD
Codeine - COD
Congestive Heart Failure - CHF
Coronary Artery Disease - CAD
Cystic Fibrosis - CF
Defibrillator - DEFIB
Disease - DIS.
Deep Vein Thrombosis - DVT
Epinephring - EPI
High Blood Pressure - HTN (Hypertension)
In Case of Emergency - ICE
Insulin Dependent Diabetes - IDDM
Intravenous - IV
Lou Gehrig's Disease - ALS
Mitral Valve Prolapse - MVP
No Known Allergies - NKA
No Know Drug Allergies - NKDA
Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs - NSAIDS
Penicillin - PCN
Type 1 Diabetes - T1D
Type 2 Diabetes - T2D
Tetracycline - TCN
Transplant - TX
Von Willebrand Disease - VWD
Wolff - Parkinson - White Syndrome - WPW

*This  is a parital list, please consult your physician for your specific needs. Thank you. 

Creative Medical ID is not responsible for medical treatment received or not received, based upon the reliance of information the customer has supplied. Thank you.


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