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Customer Comments

Care to share? Send us an Email  with the subject line "customer Comments"
& we'll be happy to post it here. 

Name: Martha
Message: My bracelets arrived today and I am completely delighted. Thank you for your fabulous selection of products, your help in answering my questions, and your fast turn around of my order. I ordered the Deluxe Paradise Pearls #DP35 and the Deluxe London Blue Bracelet #DPS32. They are even more lovely than the picture and will be great fun to wear. There are a couple more that I'm keeping in mind for my wish list. I will enjoy showing off my new bling! 


Name: Deborah
Message: I just received my bracelet. It is perfect and absolutely beautiful. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am. Take good care. 

Name: Jessie
Message: Gentlemen, I received my order.  The bracelet fits perfect and its beautiful just as I expected.  Thank you & Aloha.....Jessie  Item#  DMCBSG11 

Name: Georgeanne 
Message: I received  the DST - Deluxe Sacred Hearts bracelet today
Thank you and everything spelled right
Thank you 

Name: Diana E.

I have worn medic alert bracelets my entire life and I own many of them, this one however is already my absolute FAVORITE!! You can hardly tell it’s medical and as a 50 year old woman I am grateful for that, it looks just like an adorable bracelet. I also got it much quicker than anticipated. I won’t be switching this one out anytime soon!! Thank You!!!!

Name: Michelle C.

I received my bracelet yesterday, and I LOVE it. It so beautiful, you would hardly notice it's a medical ID. Thank you so much, and thanks for the quick delivery!

Name: Cheryl B.
  I just got my medical ID bracelet today and I love it!  I've never had to think about a medical ID bracelet before now (I'm 46).  I had a very scary experience a couple of weeks ago - got stung by a bee and wound up in the hospital with an anaphylactic reaction.  I've been very nervous with the idea of getting stung again, having a reaction and not having any way to communicate to anyone.  I searched several websites for bracelets.  I am so glad I decided to order one from Creative Medical.  I had my wrist sizing wrong - I got a call from customer service telling me exactly how to measure for the correct fit.  The bracelet arrived very quickly and everything is correct. The picture doesn't do justice to how pretty the bracelet actually is.  And, the engraving on the ID tag is clear and easy to read - even my mother (an RN for 45+ years) was impressed! 

Thanks for the peace of mind!!

Name: A. Pedigo
Message: Received my order and am totally satisfied with your service, quick delivery and product !! Thank you so very much !!

Name: Christina H. 
I recently ordered a medical bracelet from your company. I have needed a medical bracelet for a couple years but had unfortunately put it off.  I finally made the purchase with a bracelet I found in your web site. And I love it! I must tell you the picture on your web site, while very nice- because I chose it based off the pictures provided there, pales in comparison to the actual product in hand.... Just beautiful! I extremely pleased with my purchase! Thank you for making such a beautiful bracelet. This is so nice to look nicer than the traditional medical bracelets I am accustomed to seeing.  I will definitely recommend this site to anyone who needs a medical bracelet!

Name: Mary
Message: I just got my new ID bracelet, and I have to tell you I just love it!! You guys do the best work ever... I tell so many people about your site,,over time I have gotten a few bracelets from you, and I love every single one of them,, thanks again.

Name: Sharon 
Message: I received the order and I am so pleased with the strands!  They will make wearing a medical alert bracelet a lot more stylish and make me a lot more willing to wear it!  I wish I'd known about these years ago!

Name: Richard
Message: Just got it with the adjustment and it fits nicely (at first, it seemed like it was still a little big but I am guessing it needs to be that way to make it easier to get it on and off).  Thanks for the GREAT service!!

Name:  Jackie
Message: I recently placed an order with you and the gentleman who helped me figure out what length to order was fantastic and correct, my bracelet fits perfectly.  Your customer service is excellent!

Name: Mary
Message: Got it. My son love it. I Loved it!!! I will forward your info to others and I will purchase another one soon as a back up. Great work and thanks again.

Happy Customer

Name: Lisa
Message: I just received my bracelet today and it's beautiful! I made a mistake on the engraving when I placed my order and it was corrected by the staff without any problems and I still received it quickly. The design I chose is even prettier than it looked online. I couldn't be happier!

Name: G. Eyre
Message: I must thankyou, as I have received your product and I am very impressed
with the quality and also the service supplied.  I have passed your details onto some friends, and you may get some more
business soon as I/we could not find anything in Australia as good
Once again thank you
G. Eyre
Melbourne, Australia

Name: C. Bronstein, Jupiter, FL  -  Ordered Item# SP04 - Silver Blues Set
Once again I need to thank you for another incredible bracelet. I think this is my 4th or 5th one form you & each one just gets better. This time I ordered the lapis with silver beads & LOVE it. The first thing people comment on is the pretty bracelet & then when I tell them that it's my medical id they are astounded. I recommend you to all of my medical assisting students & patients.

Thank you so much, C. Bronstein 

Name: Lisa M. Birnbaum, Montevallo, AL
Message: I ordered an ID bracelet last week.  I cannot wait to receive it.  I have epileptic seizures.  Fortunately I have been seizure free for almost 9 months.  My last one was really bad.  I am so grateful that my neighbors and my children know my medical condition and were able to get help ASAP.  For my children's sake I want to be able to have a way for strangers to be able to help in the event I have a seizure away from home.  The bracelets are gorgeous and I can't wait to show it off.  I am impressed by the customer comments and brags.  When I receive the bracelet I will post a picture. 

Thanks for providing a sigh of relief and comfort in knowing that medical attention will be greater with the information they are provided when I am in-coherent. 

Name: Brit S
Message: Thank you for designing a medical alert bracelet that is delicate and still fashionable. I ordered the heart medical ID after a very long time of searching for the perfect bracelet. At first glance it looks more like a fancy piece of jewelery than a medical alert bracelet. Even family members have commented that it looks like something from Tiffany's. I am absolutely in love with it and put it on immediately after receiving it. I will be recommending you my friends and family that are in need of medical jewelry as well! I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you again for creating something that is not a burden to wear!

Brittany S.

Ordered Item# CR1947- Heart & Soul Medical ID Bracelet


Name: Linda H.
Message: Thanks very much for my beautiful bracelet.  I got it a few minutes ago and put it on immediately.  You guys really do a great job.  Keep up the good work.

* Customer ordered Item# P02 - Golden Pearls Set

Name: T. Hamilton
Message: Thank you so much for filling my order as fast as you have done.  I love my first braclett from you and get lots of "Oh I have never seen a medical ID like that before....I could wear one of those."  My first braclett from you was an Ital. style....this second one is for me to wear everyday leaving my first one for my dresser times. Again thank you so much for having such different ideas and styles in the Medical ID area.

* Customer ordered Item# ACT26 - Ladies Stainless Medical ID Bracelet - Detachable (2 Lobster clasps)

Name: Erin P.
Message: Questions:  Best prices, Best selection, & most of all, ease of ordering! Thanks! You guys provide an excellent service! No gimmicks
* Customer ordered Item# ACT04 - Ladies Stainless Medical ID Bracelet

Name: Stacy
Message: I just received my medical id bracelet today and I am thrilled!  Beautiful quality and very stylish.  Thank you- Stacy A


Name: Hollie T.
Message: Hi I just wanted to let you know that I received my medical alert bracelet (mood bead) and I really love it.  I have had so many compliments and I have only had it maybe a week.  This is my second bracelet from your company, and I will definitely be ordering again.  Thanks for everything.



Name: J. Wilson
Message: I just received both of my bracelets today.  I wasn't expecting them to arrive for another week so it was a nice surprize to get them so quickly. The Italian Charm Bracelet is so pretty and easy to adjust, I never have to take it off!  I also got a beaded bracelet which is absolutely gorgeous!  It will look great for when I get dressed up.  Thank you so much for the outstanding service you provided me and also for the beautiful bracelets!!!  Would love to do business with you again!  Thank you so much!!


Name: a. kirasich
Message: dear creative medical, i received my medical alert bracelet yesterday and i had to email you and let you know how very pleased i am with my purchase. this bracelet is very fashionable, light weight and feminine.  i received so many compliments from my co-workers. several people ask me where i purchased it and i gave them your web site. you have so much to choose from and things to add to make it personalized to fit your illness and or alert. i love it. thank you so much,

Name: M. Potter
Message:I just want to say thanks - I had to get a bracelet resized before a certain date, and you did it so fast.  Thank you so much for great customer service!

Name: Margaret F.
Message: I cannot remember if I sent you an Email thanking you for the great products, the great web site (you did a wonderful layout.), great information and easy ordering.  It is really a blessing to have a needed task work so well when one is in the middle of massive cancer treatment.

Thanks so much to all.



Name: Marge Atwater
Message: Hello, I received my bracelet on Saturday.  It's beautiful. 
Thank you for designing something I'm happy to wear.
Janet Eller
Message:  I just wanted to say thank-you.  I have been looking for an attractive medical alert bracelet  that I can wear all the time.  You have created such a bracelet!  I love it and will recommend your site to everyone I know.  I am sure that I will enjoy my bracelet for years to come. Thanks again,  Janet S. Eller




Name: Tracy Morrison
Message: I ordered the Ladies Sterling Silver Expressions Set with the sterling silver tag and received it today. It is GORGEOUS. I am so impressed with the quality and beauty.  I am very impressed with what you sent me. I will recommend you to anyone that needs a medical bracelet.




Name: Christy Chapman
Message: I just received a bracelet for myself and a band for my son and they are
wonderful.  The bracelet is beautiful and very discreet and the sports band
looks really great.  My son loves it!  I will be ordering something in gold
next.  Thanks so much for making such a wonderful product that is attractive
and doesn't raise a bunch of questions, just comments on how nice it is!

Christy Chapman
Paso Robles, CA, USA



Name: Danielle

Message: Well let's see i was diagnosed  about 6 years ago a chronic pain disease called fibromayalgia. There is no cure but medications. Medications that can cause trouble, yet i still would never want to announce to the world that im sick or wear it on my arm till my mommy and daddy came up with these beautiful bracelets. I LOVE MINE! Thanks Mama and dont need to worry anymore. I will be wearing this one I love you.


Name: Rachel Franca
Message: My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in Sept 07.  We searched for months for a good quality, yet cute medical bracelet.  We finally found Creative Medical ID. We ordered the Italian Charm medical bracelet in March.  Not only was it beautiful, but they expedited my order (since we were going on vacation) and had it to us within a week.  Unfortunately in April my 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  We ordered another Italian Charm bracelet.  Again the quality is excellent.  Both of my girls are thrilled with their unique stylish bracelets.  Thank you for providing an excellent and beautiful product!

Rachel Franca in OKC


Name: Justine Flint
Message: I received my bracelet yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  i LOVE IT.   If you have a place to post comments please feel free to post mine or tell me where to. The service was amazing the quality is beautiful anhd it was so preciously packaged. Thank you for making what is typically an ugly id so lovely!

Name: Martha Miller
Hello,I just received my bracelet in the mail today, and it's just perfect and so cute!  I had thought of getting a medical I.D. after undergoing gastric bypass last year but kept putting it off.  When I developed a penicillin allergy last month while taking a course of antibiotics for strep throat, I knew it was finally time to get one.  Out of all the sites I looked at, your bracelets were the best looking ones I found.
I love how the bracelet is functional, secure and I never have to take it off, yet at the same time it's petite and dainty looking.  Thanks for getting it to me so quickly!!! 
Thanks again,
Martha Miller

Name: Harriet Hill
Message:  HI!  I just received my pink mesh medical alert ID bracelet and I love it!  I am wearing it now and am so glad that it is comfortable enough to wear it all the time.  Maybe someday I will order a nice one with charms and stuff but for now, this is perfect and I love it.  Thanks so much.


Name: Diana L. Albers
Messae: Dear Staff,  I just had to let you know just how pleased I am with not only your service but the overall quality of my Med ID Bracelet.  I noticed that I an extra battery, a little case and the extra care that was taken to wrap the engraved part for safe shipping.
Most people write to complain to a business but NO complaints here!
I belong to a couple of web support groups and I have highly recommended your site for their med ID bracelets.
Again gang, THANK YOU so much!!!!!

Name: Athena Trelease
Messae: Hello, I want to tell you how much I  LOVE my medical ID bracelets.  I have been wearing them for a few weeks now and they fit perfect and I have been getting so many compliments on them.  I have been told it is so me to have a medical condition and to make it into something fun to wear and so my style and taste.  I have highly recommended you and your company to some of my friends.  So hopefully, you will get some business from them.  I will be calling on you soon to have more made.  

Once, again.  Thank you for such an excellent job and care you took to make these specially for me and to my specifications.  I can't tell you enough how much I love them. 
Kuddo's to all of you!!!!
Athena Trelease

Name: Denise Taylor
Message: I received my order. It is more beautiful in real life than on the computer.  Thank you so very much. I will be ordering more bands.

Name: Aleta
Message: Hi! I just wanted to let you know that my bracelet arrived today and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Everything on the medical tag is correct.  I am SO glad that I decided to spend more money and get something really nice.  I am also glad that I ordered it from you rather than someplace else.  Great job, thanks so much!

Best wishes,
Aleta Barth

Name: Terry Keith
Message: Hi! I received the medical I.D. bracelet Monday, 3/5.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  It was just lovely. I now wear my Med. I.D. and can feel good about it. Great job!  I will recommend you. Thanks, Terry.

Name: Carol Christopher
Message:  I just wanted to say that I have receieved my bracelet and it's gorgeous! It's a great weight and it's pretty and dainty. Thank You for creating such a beautiful bracelet. It's for my Gastric Bypass surgery and Im sooo happy I chose you! There are alot of people that make Medical Id bracelets BUT for the cost and the workmanship and the pretty bag YOU can't find any company that will give you all of that! Thank You for this work of art as well as my LIFESAVER! Your customer for life
Carol Christopher

Name: Denise Jackson
Message: I received the bracelets for my 4yr and myself.  I LOVE THEM!!!!  I've visited and ordered bracelets from other sites and received them only to be disappointed with the quality.  I'm so happy to have found your site.  I can't wait to order  the crystal strands for my tag!  Thank you so much! 

Name: Linda C., Arkansas
Message:   I've had my bracelet for about two weeks now, and I am
delighted with it.  It looks so feminine and beautiful that most people
think it's a piece of jewelry.  I'm so glad I looked at a lot of medical
ID web sites and didn't give up until I found you, Cindi.  Thank you for
coming up with your designs - I'm bald from chemo, still have a year of
treatments ahead of me - at least my medical ID makes me remember I'm
feminine and a girly girl!!  God Bless You !! 

Name: Hellen

I just wanted to say thank you so much :) We received Emily's medical alert bracelet today and Emily loves it. It's so far from what medic alert bracelets used to be like and Emily actually feels happy to wear it instead of upset because it's highlighting her disability. I couldn't be happier!
I think you guys did a great job. You made a difference in Emily's life because her bracelet is so special and she feels like she has a posh piece of jewelry of her own to wear. I'll be ordering more in the next few weeks so that she can match them with her mood :)
Best wishes,
Hellen and Emily Tondre

Name: Karen Blumberg
Message: Thank you very much for making such a beautiful bracelet. You
customized it perfectly and my daughter was thrilled to receive it.

Name: R. Scott
Messsage: What awesome service you have! I ordered my bracelet on 10/31 and I received it on 11/13. My bracelet is beautiful and I will definitely recommend you to others! Thanks!

Name: Maureen Price
Message: I have received my bracelet and thank you - it is absolutely gorgeous!

Name: Develle Blackwell
Message: I received my ID bracelet today and I love it!!!!  I recently paid the same money for another product and it was very poor quality.  Your products are pretty and you put a lot of work into the end product.  The engraving was also perfect.   Life is too precious to wear ugly medical alert ID's.  Thank you very much.

Name:  Jeff Kirschenbaum
Message:  I want to thank you for the great bracelet that I received
the other day. Ordering sight unseen is always a difficult thing to do,
but the quality and workmanship of this fantastic product truly has
made me happy. Thanks again for the speedy delivery.

Jeff Kirschenbaum
Owner of Onyx & TIger Eye Mens Set

Name: Nicole V 
Message: Wonderful products, wonderful service! Thanks for all you help with our medical id's. We will be back for more! Sincerely, Nicole V.

Name: Cristina P.
Message: Thanks for the fast repair under the guarantee on Nikki's Medic Bracelet. We appreciate great customer service! Cristina & Jim


Name: D. Zook
Message: I received my bracelet and I just love it. It fits perfectly and am very happy with it. Thank You, Debra Zook

Name: Ellen Brown
Message: Just rec'd the Id bracelets for my daughter & me - gorgeous! The pictures don't do them justice! Very fast service - the little organza bags were a nice touch, too. Never wanted to wear a "traditional" Id bracelet for my type 1 diabetes but absolutely love these! Thanks

Name: Maggie
Message: I just recieved my breacelet yesterday - which was alot sooner then I thought - and I LOVE IT!!! It's beautiful!!

Name: Valerie Audibert
Message: Last week I ordered a medic alert bracelet and would like to make a few comments about it. First, It was wonderful to have received it so fast. Nothing is more worrisome than to have another diagnosis and the bracelet may be the only means of communication. Secondly, it is very attractive and the engraving complements the bracelet. (My husband was very impressed). So I just wanted to thank you for a very good product, delivered in a very timely manner. For further purchases, there is no need to go elsewhere. You have my business.

Name: Rochelle Stern
Message: I love the custom made ID bracelet; I can't stop looking at it. Typically with a medical ID bracelet, you don't want to look at it :-)! Cindie gave me such great personalized attention, and I will be sure to recommend this site to my friends and family. Fondly, Rochelle Stern

Name: TJ Fama
Message: Hi Cindy, I wanted to thank you for the lovely bracelets. Out patients were thrilled to receieve them. They are truly an asset for our patients. They now have peace of mind, should an emergency occur. Once again, thank you for the bracelets and the wonderful service. Best regards, TJ Fama Basic Home Infusion

Name: Loni V
Message: I am totally thrilled with my purchase from your store...what a great service you provide! It's a true inspiration to me that you have taken a serious health issue and turned it into something positive. Thank you for the speedy, ultra friendly service and the wonderful products. I'll be back!

Name: Michael Gordon
Message: Thanks, Cindie & Michael! I have not removed the bracelet since I got it and am quite satisfied with the quality. I'll be back for more!

Name: sjohnson
Message: I ordered an engraved medical id tag for my daughter and made a mistake in entering my shipping address. Creative Medical contacted me by phone and email to get a corrected address and remailed it to me at no additional expense. We are very pleased with the product received. A very profession company to order from.

Name: Mary Beth
Message: As a 31 year old teacher, it was difficult to find an medical id tag that was pretty yet practical. I absolutely love my medical id tag and was very pleased with the quality and the high level of customer service.

Name: Juliana C.
Message: Hi there- Got my med anklet today in the mail! Oh my goodness, it's awesome. Thank you very much for the wonderful service you provide to those of us that need it. I'll be back.

Name: Kim
Message: I was browsing the web and came across your website. The medical bracelets you have are very pretty and I am definently going to purchase one. I have never seen anything like this before.

Name: kathy b. weltman
Message: Cindy, I met you at lee and june weinstein's house for brunch. you have a beautiful website. may i use your site as a link on mine? I think that people would genuinely want to order such a pretty medical bracelet. let me know. kathy

Name: Beth - Ingalls, IN
Message: Thanks Cindie for such awesome bracelets! Everyone that I have gotten one for, including myself has been so impressed. Look forward to helping you spread you site info to many of the doctors I work with!

Name: Pete and Sarah Williams
Message: Our son really likes his Dog Tag necklace and now we feel safe letting him ride his bike to summer camp. Thank you for providing a much needed service.

Name: Tammy Diacont
Message: Thanks for offering stylish medical ids. I was not looking forward to having to wear one, but these braclets make it easier.

Name: Jessica Blevins
Message: THANK YOU!!! Dr. Wynn's office sent me to your site and I love my Creative Medical Medi-Charm bracelet (Shining Moments-Blue Zircon). I also have the Silver Shimmer Ladies Set and have ordered more interchangeable strands! Thanks for giving us beautiful designs to keep us safe. Jess

Name: Mary G. Wilson
Message: My 21-year-old son just had a mechanical aortic valve placement and will be on Coumadin. He was very resistant to the traditional medic alert bracelets, but very receptive to your styles. Thank you.

Name: Christina M. Jones
Message: I had the WLS and needed to buy an ID bracelet all the ones I saw were either that ugly red/metal or were very costly. It wasn't UNTIL I came across this site did I see bracelts I REALLY REALLY LOVE & that aren't "dorky" looking. Their crystals come and so many colors & there are so many different varieties available! Today I reffered a friend to this website and saw the new items available.....I think I am going to by ANOTHER ONE! Thank you Creative Medical for being CREATIVE IN YOUR STYLE and CONSERVATIVE IN YOUR PRICING!!!


Name: Suzanne in Michigan
Message: I received my bracelet today and I wanted to express my sincere thanks for a beautiful product. I have waited a long time to get a bracelet because I really wanted something stylish and this bracelet fits the bill. Thanks so much for everything.

Name: Stacey in Michigan
Message: I get more compliments on my charm bracelet than I have ever gotten before. I think I love the fact that it looks so elegant yet it's practical. My surgeon's office here in Michigan is proud to have your cards and brochures for patients and their families. I have enjoyed working with you to help spread your website in the state of Michigan and to my friends and family. Wonderful work.

Name: carrrie bronersky

Name: David Vento
Message: Cindie, I want to thank you and everyone else there at Creative for doing such a wonderful job on my wife's bracelet. She loves it and I feel better knowing the medical info is available to medical personnel should the need arise. Thanks again.

Name: Melissa O.
Message: Cindi, Just wanted to thank you for visting with me tonight on the phone. You are wonderful! And with me being in the medical can bet I will be telling my patients about your business!! Thank you for caring for your customers! Its shows...and it counts!

Name: Elizabeth Clark
Message: I got my bracelet a week ago and since then I have received so many compliments on it. People are always suprised that it's a medic alert bracelet. I just wanted to say thanks and I love my bracelet!

Name: Robin Hill
Message: I love my new bracelet! It is delicate yet sturdy. Looks like a lovely piece of jewelry and NOT a "label" I could not be more pleased. Thank you SO much

Name: D James RN
Message: Thank you so much Cindie for working with me to get that perfect bracelet! It's gorgeous and is exactly what I pictured it to be. I recommend Creative Medical ID to anyone required to wear a medical ID bracelet. The customer service is GRADE A++! Very satisfied customer!

Name: Lyvonne Hill
Message: Just received my beautiful bracelet! I'm glad I chose stainless steel so I can wear it all the time! It is so dainty and feminine and you got all my vital information on it!!! Thank you for great communication and a wonderful product! I want to get one of your beautiful watches next!!!

Name: Dr. D. Youdan

Name: Dawn Lewis
Message: I received my bracelet on Saturday. Much sooner than expected. It is absolutely beautiful. I can turn it so only the pearls show. The whole world doesn't have to know my condition. The staff responded to all my emails very quickly and were very supportive. I would recommend their Medical Id's to anyone. Thanks Creative Medical id Sincerely, Dawn

Name: Michele Hetland
Message: I recieved my bracelet today. It is absolutely beautiful. I am going to be thrilled to wear it every day.

Name: Fran Wilson
Message: Was plesantly surprised at the selections you offered for medical ID's. I have ordered a bracelet for my niece who has wanted one for so long. I know she will be pleased.

Name: Kerensa
Message: I love my Medicharm! It's discreet enough to not stand out to the untrained eye, yet I know a medical professional would spot it quickly. I like the versatility it gives me. I can attach it to my favorite bracelet or my watch, or even to the clasp of a necklace. It's awesome! I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of my sport ID bracelet so that I have something to wear when I'm at the gym. I am definitely one satisfied customer! Thanks!

Name: Wendy
Message: Thank you for this site. It has been a while since I had to order a bracelet, however, there have been so many new ones out, I actually ordered two. And with your prices you made it easy. Thank you.

Name: Marsha Nelson
Message: Very nice website. I was glad to find one for nice medical bracelets.

Name: Terina Bowden
Message: I love my medical id bracelet. It is so nice to wear a medical bracelet that doesn't shout "I HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION". Keep up the good work. Have a great holiday and blessed new year.

Name: Jodi Sheffy
Message: I searched for an attractive and durable medical id tag for many months before I found Creative Medical. I am happy with my purchase and the customer service I received. I plan on purchasing at least 2 more bracelets because I simply couldn't decide on one. Thanks for the great service!

Name: Nathalie
Message: My daughter like her bracelet very much, she wear it to kindergarten everyday. I am happy that she like it. And the people in creative medical ID is so nice. Feel very good order from them. I get my bracelet without problems.I cannot wait to oreder another one:) everything super, Thank you all. Germany.

Name: Kitty Gatlin
Message: My bracelet came today and I love it !!!!Just what I thought it would be!!! Fast service.....Thanks !!!

Name: Michelle Safer
Message: Hi Cindie, I just showed Evynn my partial website and then went to yours. She loved it!! IThanks for everything you've done for me! Michelle

Name: Carrie Goodwin
Message: These are the most beautiful medical ID bracelets I have ever seen. I am even ordering matching full bracelet and have received nothing but compliments. I'm so glad I found this company.

Name: Karen Howell
Message: I really love my bracelet. It is so nice and does not look like a typical medical alert bracelet. I plan on getting more in the future.

Name: Jennifer Stauss
Message: Cindie is such a pleasure to work with. I was so happy with my beautiful braclet- that I just ordered my second one. She also helped me to decide which was the most practical choice for my second braclet. Thanks Cindie- you're great!

Name: Ellen
Message: My bracelet is beautiful and it makes having to wear a medical ID so much easier. Thanks for the great idea.

Name: Gwen
Message: I received my medical ID bracelet a few days ago and I am so happy with it. I knew it would be pretty but it is beautiful. People are noticing it and not only say how pretty it is but can't believe it's a medical ID until I show them. Thank you so much.

Name: Dana Queen
Message: I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how impressed I was when I received the ID's today. I knew they would come in an envelope, but that is not what I got when I opened your package today. I never expected the packaging to be done in such a nice way. From the time I opened the little pink bag, to the tissue wrapping on each, to the stickers for my daughter. Every little detail was thought of. The presentation you did from the start to the finish was fantastic! Thank you again for a great product!

Name: Stacey Pease
Message: Great job,wonderful idea!!

Name: Connie Bunch
Date: 09/04/05
Message: Oh yeah ... without a doubt the coolest /prettiest med-alert bracelets I have EVER seen! Only regret...I can't afford several. :) "Thanks-A-Bunch" Connie Bunch Cinti., Ohio

Name: Denise Ryan-Oates
Message: I received my bracelet 3 days ago and I absolutely love it. I was very impressed with your personal attention and customer service when I made an error when ordering it, you called me immediately with a solution that is fantastic. Thanks so much for everything. I tell everyone about the service you provide.

Name: Jennfer DeGruttola
Message: What a beautiful way to let the world know that you have a medical condition. We have a six year old and didn't want to make her stand out from all of her classmates. The bracelet purchased here allows her to wear a "pretty" bracelet while providing us with the security that if something were to occur she could get the medical attention she needs.

Name: Lois
Message: I just got my bracelet on Thursday and I want to tell you that it is simply beautiful. I've gotten so many compliments on it and people are so shocked when they find out it's a medical bracelet. Thank you for coming up with a pretty way to show everyone that we are special and unique. Thank you!!

Name: Tara
Message: I just received my 2 strand mother's and medic alert bracelet. It's a perfect fit - the sizing in spot on! I absolutely adore it. It's well made - everything aligns perfectly in both the engraving and the beads and name spacing. It's gorgeous and sentimental and practical all at the same time. I'm very impressed and very happy with my purchase. I won't hesitate to recommend you!

Name: Wendy Johnson
Message: Hi I bought a med id from you a few months ago. EVERYONE admires it and asks where I got it from. I tell them. I hope you had some business from it! I was taken into hospital last week and the paramedic said it was brilliant and would one day save my life! Not only is it practical its beautiful!! Thankyou, love from Wendy in the UK

Name: R. Ramirez
Message: C.M.I. bracelets are gorgeous! I can't tell you how many compliments I get on mine (I own three of them). They stay very delicate looking yet they are made to be sturdy and pretty. I love my medical ID!

Name: Andrea J. White
Message: You have been great whenever I have ordered or needed information from you. Thanks for the great products and great help.


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