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Do you long to be in pictures or tell your story...Or brag about your stylish medical id jewelry!  

Welcome to the Creative Medical ID family!  We've had a resounding request to share photos and stories of happy customers with their Creative Medical ID jewlery.  If you would like to share your photos & story of how your bracelet helped you, or brag-a-little about wearing our jewelry, simply submit your info and a jpg or gif image to Thank you for letting us help you stay safe & in style...

From: W. Ortiz-Rodriguez

Item# P18P - Kensington Petite Medical ID Bracelet..
My husband order the bracelet for me recently and we love it!
Thank you Creative Medical ID


   Item# KC34P - Confetti Petite Medical ID Bracelet
"PAY IT FORWARD Friday Giveaway Winner"!!!!

I just received this in the mail literally 5 minutes ago and had to share how much I love it. I am in college, and a lot of my friends don't understand that I have had open heart surgery 6 times, and if something should happen they probably would not know what to tell responders. I am so thankful that I have this now, it is like a little piece of security that lets me run wild, but still know that if something happens I will be well taken care of!

Thank you so much Creative Medical ID :)
Erika Baker
Studying Human Development and Family Studies
Concentration in Family Studies and Child life
Thanks everyone for your participation in the Pay it Forward Friday giveaway!
Look for new contests and offers from Creative Medical ID coming soon. 

Please send ;us your photos if you were a winner so we can share with everyone!!
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Item# NAME05 - Belle Amé "Mom" Medi Set

I received my new bracelet yesterday.  Now I feel better that I know my children do not have to worry about me as much.  I have been seizure free for 9 months, but on June 15th 2009 I had a horrible seizure that scared my children, mom, neighbors and even the paramedic.  We take comfort in knowing that with this bracelet I can get help faster.  I loved wearing it today and showing it off.

Thanks for providing stylish yet informative bracelets. 


I am writing to say thank you very much for the bracelet I ordered my daughter Olivia. It is beautiful! The order was processed very quickly, I ordered it 23rd Dec and it was shipped out 31st Dec. It arrived today! I was also impressed at the care taken in the packing. Iwill be recommending your company to all my friends. Thank you once again,
Pamela Taylor - England


         Pandamonium Petite      
Hi!  There was only one thing Amy wanted for her birthday - another one
of your beautiful bracelets!  This time she chose Pandas and crystals!
  She loves wearing her bracelets which is great as the information is
so important (she has a severe nut allergy).  Now she has a choice
which bracelet to wear.  Thank-you so much for making it enjoyable to wear
somthing important.

Amy and Sarah Smith - England


I got my bracelet in the mail today, and I am so excited! Not only is
all the information correct, but the bracelet actually fits! In
offering petite sized tags I was able to get a Medical ID bracelet
that doesn't overwhelm my arm and still makes me look like a "grown
up". I can't wait to order some beaded strands to accent my
professional and dress clothes!

Thanks so much,

Lynn Wilson


Cats Meow Petite
Thanks once again!  Everyone at school loves the bracelet and wants to know where Amy got it from!  Here is a photo of her wearing it!  We will be back again to buy another!
Sarah and Amy Smith



How cute is Aleta in this pic sharing her Antique Chic Medi-Set with us! She also sent the following message: I just wanted to let you know that my bracelet arrived today and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Everything on the medical tag is correct.  I am SO glad that I decided to spend more money and get something really nice.  I am also glad that I ordered it from you rather than someplace else.  Great job, thanks so much!

Best wishes,
Aleta Barth

Aleta- you are most welcome. We wish you the best of health!
Staff at

Denise & Simeon showing off their Children's & Ladies Rolo Link Medical ID Bracelets! "I received the bracelets for my 4yr old and myself.  I LOVE THEM!!!!  I've visited and ordered bracelets from other sites and received them only to be disappointed with the quality.  I'm so happy to have found your site.  I can't wait to order the crystal strands for my tag!  Thank you so much!"

THANK YOU Denise & Simeon. We are glad you are happy and safe!
Cindie, Customer Service
Creative Medical ID


Kiwi Lemonade Watchlet designed & worn by DRI patient & wonderful Creative Medical ID customer, Brooke Miller for her 8th birthday! Happy Birthday Brooke!!



A few days ago, I was refilling some prescriptions at the pharmacy. Standing next to me was a man who asked if I was diabetic. Just a bit surprised, I admitted that indeed, I am. Seeing my quizzical  expression, the fellow explained that he is a local paramedic. He recognized the drugs I was requesting and also noticed my shiny new medical ID bracelet.

Let this confirm for any doubters out there how valuable it is to wear emergency identification. Professional responders automatically look for it. 

This man also told me a couple of stories of folks he'd been called to aid who weren't and should have been so identified. Lucky for them, it turned out all right.
Fellow Americans, please don't neglect to wear some form of identification! There's a fine selection on offer here, and reasonably priced, too. And me, I'm so glad I didn't have to meet this guy in a professional setting to realize I've done the right thing. Thanks, Creative Medical ID!      Michael Gordon


Louise wearing "Kiwi Lemondade" Medi-Charm bracelet with heart dangle! "Louise just loves the pink and green
beads, but her favorite part is the little green charm.  I just ordered another bracelet for her on-line."

Abby in 2004 - "Abby absolutely loves the bracelets." Abby purchased "I Love Candy" & "Heart's Desire" Medi-Charm bracelets.


Abby & her mom have been loyal repeat customers for over two years! Our adorable customer Abby B. graces the cover of our "Fall into Winter 2006"  brochure! Abby recently purchased Rosy Pink Cute As A Bug & Medi-Charms with Pink Emblem


          A Lifesaver Story!

During her pregnancy, one of our wonderful customer's Laura, was in the grocery store.  Wearing her medical id bracelet proved to be a life-saving experience.  She blacked out from a seizure disorder and fell hitting her head on the floor in the aisle.  Paramedics arrived on the scene to find a medical id bracelet containing her life-saving medical information and knew just what to do!  Everthing worked out fine, and she is the proud mother of a darling baby boy!            


 DigiCert Seal


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