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Sunday, August 10 2014
Five Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT - Kids, you don't need a pool to beat the heat wave.

1. Play Toss the balloon . Fill a balloon with water and poke a small hole so it has a slow, steady leak. Meanwhile everyone gets a little spray of water and cools down. The goal is to pass it along before it looses all the water.

2. Play a game of SPLASH with water balloons on the driveway or in the backyard. Gather the kids, fill the water balloons and whoever makes the biggest splash wins the game.

3. Play will it sink or will it float. This is an outside game for the kids. Gather household items, shampoo bottle, spoon, apple, etc. Put items into a large bucket filled with water. Have the kids predict if the item will sink or float. When they sink, have the kids go after them for another great cool down.

4. Play Marco Polo without a pool. Wrap a blindfold around one of the kids, twirl the child around and give give him a water gun. He counts to ten and then goes on a hunt for the others shouting Marco, and they reply Polo. When he shoots one of the kids with the water gun play is over and the wet child is blindfolded.

5. Finger paint fun. Get the kids in their swimsuits and pour washable finger paints into plastic bowls. Taking turns each child can paint on another child. When the painting is done, they can take the garden hose to spray the paint off each other.

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